Medication & Allergy Info

Medications in School

If your child needs to take any medication for any reason while at school, please contact me right away. All medications will be stored/locked in the nurse’s office. No medication may be carried by students or kept in student lockers (with the exception of epinephrine auto injectors, inhalers, and any other emergency medication- with permission). A doctor’s order must be provided for medication to be administered in school. Please print the form below and have it signed by your primary care provider and return it to me.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND MEDICINE TO SCHOOL IN A ZIPLOC BAG.  Medications MUST be in a prescription bottle.  When filling prescription, ask for a spare bottle to transport medications to school.  


Life Threatening Allergy Protocol

Download Food Allergy Emergency Care Plan.pdf

Life-Threatening Allergies & Anaphylaxis Protocol