Curriculum Overviews

The goal of a Camden-Rockport Middle School education is to inspire students’ curiosity in the world around us and to develop young people who are actively engaged in learning. Our students learn best when they are in a safe and positive environment where:

                                                               Curriculum is…   This looks like…


differentiated instruction throughout the school to meet students at varying levels of complexity, interventions to extensions.


open ended tasks, experimentation, testing theories, creation, etc…


interdisciplinary work in content areas (science and math, LA and SS) and the integration of content in and through the arts


clear connections to the lives of our pre-teens and teens and a focus on our local community, state, and country


doing work that is bigger than the classroom, it is public, shared, and at times makes an impact inside or outside of the school


  • educators use multiple learning and teaching approaches
  • instruction ensures learners have opportunities to work independently, cooperatively, and collaboratively
  • assessments are varied and enable students to become reflective learners who recognize that errors are inherent in the learning process
  • feedback is ongoing, timely, and advances learning

Our students can be confident that their attempt to explore and engage successfully in learning and develop their skills will be met with support and encouragement.