Health & Safety Protocols

Health and Safety Protocols

In an effort to keep our students and staff healthy and to support safe in person learning, we are sharing guidelines for the coming 2022-2023 school year. These guidelines can reduce the incidence of many infectious diseases in addition to preventing Covid-19 infection. One of the observations we have had over the previous several years is that simple steps can reduce the incidence of flu, colds and Covid-19. These guidelines will be updated regularly as needed.


Daily Health Screening
We are asking families and staff to do a daily pre-screening of their health prior to accessing district schools and transportation. If your child feels unwell at all, please keep them home.

Hand Hygiene
All students and staff should continue to exercise good hand hygiene using soap and water or hand sanitizer.

Respiratory Etiquette
All students and staff should cover their mouths and nose when coughing or sneezing and should wash their hands afterwards.

There are a number of required vaccinations for students. You will hear from your child’s nurse if they are not up to date on any of these vaccines. Although vaccination for Covid-19 is not required to attend school, this vaccine can be effective at mitigating severe illness from Covid19.

Masks are optional in all settings in our schools, except in three circumstances.
1.  Isolation will continue for people who test positive for Covid-19 and if they return after 5 days of isolation, they must wear a mask for 5 additional days while in school.
2.   If our students visit another establishment for a field trip or athletic event, our staff and students will follow the rules of that facility.
3.   Nurses (or administrators in their stead) may require symptomatic students to wear a mask while they are evaluated.

Physicals are an important tool to maintain health and screen for potential health issues. They are required for participation in school sponsored athletic teams. 

The ventilation in each building has been tested and upgraded over the past two years. All rooms and public spaces meet or exceed the recommended air exchange volumes per day. All filters meet or exceed recommendations for recirculated air.

Covid-19 Specific Guidelines
The following protocols were developed in consultation with local doctors and recommendations from the CDC.

If your child tests positive for Covid-19, please notify the school nurse of the date of the positive test and the date of symptom onset.

Students and staff testing positive for Covid-19 must isolate at home for 5 days. When counting, date of symptom onset or date of positive test (whichever comes first) is considered “day 0”.

Ending isolation
Individuals who are fever free, without the aid of fever reducing medications, and are experiencing improving symptoms may end isolation after 5 days.

Masking through Day 10
If you tested positive for Covid-19, you must wear a mask during days 6-10 when you return to school.

Students who have tested positive for Covid-19 and during the course of illness developed a fever, clearance from their healthcare provider would be necessary prior to returning to sports. Parents/guardians must contact the School Nurse to discuss individual circumstances. 

In the event that a doctor's note is needed, see attached form- American Academy ofPediatrics (Maine AAP).

What to do if you test POSITIVE FOR COVID-19

What to do if you were EXPOSED TO COVID-19

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