2020 Welcome Letter

Dear Schooner Families,


It is such an unusual time to be welcoming you back to school whether in person or remotely! None of the decisions you or we have faced over the past six months have been easy,  but how to safely return to school during a global pandemic is absolutely one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to consider. That said, I hope we are able to make the upcoming school year feel safe and engaging for all of our children and staff. It will absolutely take all of us, schools and parents working together, to make this year work and we know it won’t be easy.


Our beautiful building is nearing the end of construction and is awaiting the joyful noise of hundreds of children! Once we’re in full swing we’ll be sharing some pictures and videos of our new space for you to enjoy. We look forward to the time when we can throw open the doors and welcome all of our families and community members with hugs, high-fives and handshakes. In the meantime, we will do our best to welcome your children with open hearts.


While children are with us during the school day, we will need your trust that we are doing the best we can to keep children safe by supporting safety protocols and following procedures as best we are able to. We will work tirelessly this year to do so and ask your children to do the same. We will be sure to communicate with you around adjustments that are urgent or timely and ask you to do the same for us. 


We will be leaning on you to be diligent in both supporting your child in implementing our safety protocols and by asking you to continue to live by the CDC guidelines outside of school.

It’s important to remember that your exposure becomes our exposure and ours becomes yours. 


Here are some of the ways you can help us this school year and this summer!

  • Practice with your child how to safely take on and off their mask
  • Practice safe handwashing and how long 20 seconds really is!
  • Complete your child’s safety screening every morning
  • Keep your child home if they aren’t feeling well - They can remote into school if well enough to do so. 
  • Speak positively about yours, your child’s and the school’s ability to create a safe environment
  • Be sure to wash your child’s masks every day and ensure they have two clean masks ready each day
  • Support your child in leaving the house with all necessary materials to be safe and learn each day
  • Follow the safety protocols for safe arrival and dismissal
  • Implement the Maine CDC practices outside of school
  • Ask questions of the main office when you have questions
  • Keep the communication lines open

As you head into this final week before we greet your children, please take time to set up systems to help keep your child safe. We will be releasing a video for you to share with your child that will review some of the protocols and hope this helps. As a parent this is a lot to deal with and managing your own anxiety will be important. We hope you’re able to connect with people in similar positions who can offer solutions-oriented steps and support when needed. We know that everyone will have intense feelings as we move forward and hope that we can protect our children from bearing the additional anxiety felt by the adults in their lives. If we focus on the practical safety strategies and developing consistent routines at home, like we will at school, I am hopeful we can maintain our community’s safety.


Attached, you will find a CRMS Student Reminder Card to print and tape on your “departure door” for students coming to school in person or on your child’s desk for students attending remotely.

We hope this helps them build their independence and feelings of confidence as they attend school each day.


For families who are starting remote school please allow space and time for our staff to learn the process of how to effectively teach students in their classroom while also engaging children remotely. This is not something we have done before but we’re up to the challenge.  It will be easier for staff to take risks and to stay committed to doing their best if they have your full support and patience as we learn and grow together.


You will receive an email September 10th with your child’s homeroom (pod) assignment.

If you didn’t receive a notice with what your child should bring to school please visit the school website or contact Andrea.Pierce@fivetowns.net We’re sorry we are not able to take requests for student Pod assignments. Please understand the coordination of reopening and scheduling students with various needs is tremendous. Staff who knew students well over the past year helped create our groupings. Children will see other friends from their grade levels at lunch, recess and sometimes break. We will also revisit shifting some Pod groupings after quarter one based on our health picture. 


Thank you for your support thus far and for all that lies ahead as we begin this unprecedented journey.  Please continue to read email communications carefully and consistently and connect with us when you have questions. 


Together, we are better.


Be Well,

Jaime Stone, Principal

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