Seventh Grade Details

Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships:  The objectives of this unit include being able to identify different types of relationships, how relationships progress, healthy/unhealthy aspects of relationships, and how to get help if needed.

Family Life and Sexual Health (FLASH) Unit Details

 Lesson 1: Puberty Review

·      List at least 3 physical and 3 emotional/social changes that happen to both males and females at puberty

·      List at least 2 physical changes that happen only to ales and at least 2 that happen only to females.

·      Explain that variation in age-of-onset and in duration of puberty is normal.

Lesson 2: Sexual Health & Hygiene 

·      Distinguish helpful from useless and/or harmful heath and hygiene practices that accompany puberty.

·      Explain that health/hygiene product advertisers do not always have the consumer’s best interests in mind.

Lesson 3: Reproductive System 

·      Describe the function of 45 terms in the curriculum glossary.

·      Explain that variation in size and shape of body parts is normal.

Lesson 4: STD’s  & HIV

·      Name at least three STD’s.

·      List 2 early symptoms of STDs and explain that STDs may be asymptomatic.

·      List 2 critical health behaviors that should follow a suspicion of infection.

·      State that some STDs are life-threatening and others can have serious consequences.

·      List at least 2 effective ways of reducing one’s STD risk.

·      Name the 2 STDs that can be prevented by getting vaccinated.

·      Describe how HIV affects the immune system.

·      Name the 4 body fluids that transmit HIV.

·      Define the 3 most common ways that HIV is transmitted.

·      Define abstinence.

·      Understand the role of condoms in the prevention of STDs.

Lesson 5: Pregnancy 

·      Distinguish myth and facts about how conception can or cannot happen.

    Understand the stages of pregnancy from conception to birth.

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